Lauren Reiner

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Lauren has loved playing with hair for as long as she can remember, but it wasn’t until her hair stylist told her about Vidal Sassoon that she considered cutting hair herself. When she turned 17, Lauren sent off a perfunctory college application “just to make people happy,” but had her mind set on the Vidal Sassoon Academy. After graduating in 2008, Lauren landed a chair at the Beverly Hills salon. She remained there for three years before seizing the opportunity to move to Chicago where she worked in the salon and taught at the Academy.

“It was an incredible adventure,” says Lauren. “I’m so glad I took the opportunity to live somewhere completely new and different.” But after three years in the bitter cold, Lauren knew she belonged back home in California. She returned to the Beverly Hills salon for two years before joining ChopChop in April 2015.

Lauren comes to ChopChop with a masterful flair for working with her clients’ natural texture to accentuate their beauty. Her primary focus is on making people feel good inside and out – “even if someone wants to look like a crazy, robot alien,” she laughs. “I can make that work, too.” Both her skills and colorful sense of humor are no doubt responsible for turning clients into long-time friends. “It’s not just work to me,” she says. “It’s like hanging out with your friends all day long.”

Inspired by the welcoming, artistic vibe of the salon gallery, Lauren is excited by the diversely talented, close-knit group at ChopChop. “We work well as a team,” she says. “It just feels right.”

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