Irene Lucas

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“No matter what texture you’re born with, your hair shouldn’t be part of what stresses you out in life,” says Irene, who’s seen too many people spend their lives “hating” their hair. “Wash and wear hair can be for everyone once you understand how to work with it.”

Irene knows firsthand what it’s like to have challenging hair. She explains that her mom didn’t have the first clue about working with her curly hair when she was a kid, which motivated Irene to learn how to “tame the beast” on her own. She eventually decided to further her natural talent for hair mastery at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica where she graduated in 2003.

Though music and fashion history both influence Irene’s creativity, the real keys to her success lie in being a great listener and making sure that her clients can reproduce their look at home. “I see a ton of beautiful cuts, but they’re not always suitable for the wearer,” she says. “As a stylist, you have to remember that you’re an artist, but your work is more of a commissioned piece than your personal masterpiece.”

Apart from talent and taste level, what catapults Irene from being a good stylist to a great stylist is her ability to genuinely connect with people. Warm and approachable, she enjoys developing close relationships with her clients. “I take what I do very seriously,” she says. “But when you’re spending an hour together, I like to keep things fun and really get to know each other.”

Irene joined the team at Chop Chop in April 2013 and looks forward to working with you.

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