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05 Apr

Summer Blondes: Maintenance

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So you went blonde. Or you already were blonde. Or maybe you tried baylayage and now you’re some version of bronde. You’re all ready for summer which means long days at the beach and mai tais by the pool or splash pads with toddlers and sunscreen drenched skin. Whatever days you have ahead, don’t let your skin be the only thing you protect during the summer months-what about your hair?


As a kid, I spent countless hours splashing in chlorinated pools and jumping waves in salty beaches. The sun was both my friend and my enemy, leaving me with sun bleached hair spoiled with chlorine green streaks and dried out ends. My mom dried every concoction possible to rid me those green streaks, which is partly why I ended summer with a bob at least 6 inches shorter than how I started.


We’ve come a long way since then. So let’s forgo the mayonnaise and vinegar shampoo in lieu of these game changing products and tips that will keep you looking your sun kissed summer best.


Purple Shampoo

If you’re looking to keep your blonde light and bright, consider trying a purple shampoo once a week, or every other, depending on how often you wash your hair. Purple shampoo will keep unwanted yellow tones away that begin to build over time. We like Unita Blonda, but there are various purple shampoos available in a range of prices.


Condition Condition Condition!

OK, you don’t need to condition multiple times a day or anything, we just mean when you do condition, make it a good one. Heat and swimming dries out the hair, but conditioner acts as a filler, keeping hair smooth and sleek. Try B3 Color Care Conditioner found here.


Leave-in Conditioner

For additional maintenance, both preventative and/or to repair hair, consider a leave-in conditioner like Unite 7Seconds. Wet hair with fresh water (or use out of the shower) and spray Unite 7Seconds throughout hair. Leave-in conditioner, meant to be left in the hair (go figure), will prevent hair from absorbing as much salt or chlorinated water and will protect color. Consider keeping this is your beach bag to use in a pinch!


Those of you looking for a natural solution or an extra dose of moisture should consider oils. Natural oils will add moisture to your hair, leaving it smooth and adding shine while nourishing your scalp, soothing dry, flakey skin and dandruff. Massage a small amount of room temperature oil to your roots and hair. Put a shower cap on and let sit for 30 minutes, then wash with an all-natural shampoo. For thick, course hair try coconut, argan, avocado or extra-virgin olive oil. For thin hair try pomegranate seed or rosemary oil. Jaboba is great or all hair types (and skin too!).

20 Mar

Summer Blondes: Baylayage

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With winter coming to a close and the sun beginning to draw us out of our Netflix induced hibernation, it’s time to talk about going blonde. While going full blonde may not be for everyone, summer tends to get us thinking about letting go of our slightly darker, wintery hues in turn for lighter and brighter locks. We’re ready for sun-kissed skin and sun-bleached hair and we’ve got one word for you: baylayage. If you’re looking to update your look in the next few months, check out this guide to hair’s most popular, and dare we say, timeless, trend.   


What is baylayage anyways?

Baylayage is a color technique where color is painted on the hair with a brush, without foils, creating a more natural look. Because the only saturated color will be applied to your ends, you’ll have bright ends with soft pieces connecting to the root for an easy grow out.


Who is it good for?

This technique works for all hair colors, and most hair lengths, excluding only super short, cropped cuts. Whether you’re a natural blonde, brunette or anything in between, a good colorist will work with you to find the best color combination to brighten your look while giving you the benefits of naturally sun-kissed hair that grows out easily (because isn’t that what we’re all looking for?!).


Why is it better?

Well, we can’t necessarily say it’s better than other coloring techniques, but like we said before, baylayage gives you a naturally sun-kissed look that’s super low-maintenance. Because your natural roots will be at least partially exposed, your hair won’t grow out with that harsh color line we all try to avoid. Instead you’ll benefit from hair that grows out more naturally with more time in between appointments and less bleach on your hair. That means less damage to your wallet and your hair.  


Is “bronde” a thing?  

Yes, bronde is a thing. Bronde is a combination of “brown” and “blonde” (surprise, surprise) which combines lighter and darker color strokes, creating a darker version of blonde. This is a great way for dark haired women looking to go lighter without going full blonde.

Think you’re ready for baylayage? Talk with one of our colorist today about what you’ve got and what you want. Our colorists are trained and certified in the latest hair coloring techniques to make sure you’re ready for summer (and those awkward months in between). Take note, full baylayage appointments may take a little longer than traditional color, so make sure to plan accordingly and let your stylist know in advance.